10 Things You Can Forget to Pack (What You Don’t Need For a Vacation)


Packing for an upcoming vacation can be very tricky. There are a variety of factors to take into consideration such as where you are going, the purpose of your trip, how long you will be staying at your destination, etc. With that in mind, there are items that are appropriate for some trips and not appropriate for other trips. Here are ten items that you generally will not need when going on vacation.


Expensive Jewelry

Chances are, you can probably leave the expensive jewelry behind regardless of where you’re going. Even if it is a fancy cruise ship or something similar, you are more likely to draw some unwanted attention to yourself from muggers and thieves. So your best option is to stay safe and simply leave that at home.


Extra Toiletries

Most hotels and hostels that you will stay at should have free toiletries available such as soap, shampoo, and lotion. So it is not the best use of space to bring any extra supplies with you. If you find that you are running out while on your trip, find a local drug store and pick up some travel size toiletries to use.


Too Many Clothes

The basic rule of thumb for this is that you want to pack half the amount of clothes and have double the amount of money. So when you’re preparing to pack for your trip, lay out all the clothes you initially intend on bringing and all the money you currently have. Once you have this visual, subtract half the clothes and try to double the amount of money. Having more money and less clothing also gives you the opportunity to use those funds to buy some locally made clothing at your destination.


More than one book

We all know how valuable having a good book can be whether it is to pass time on the journey or if you simply want some alone time. However, having multiple books adds too much space that is not needed, and you may not get to all of them. So bring one solid book (a Kindle works too!) that you can enjoy when you have some free time and use the rest of your time exploring what the place has to offer.


Excessive tech gadgets

We live in an age where it is very hard to get by every day without the use of all of our fancy tech toys. Our smartphones, iPads, tablets, etc. are all built into our everyday lifestyle. However, when on vacation, they can take away from what is in front of you. Maybe pack your smartphone at the very least, but leave the other gadgets at home.


“What if” items

You don’t want to fall into the trap of packing specifically for one occasion or situation and allowing those items take up too much room in your luggage and this also involves checking to see where you are going and what kind of environment you will experience. The point is that you don’t want to pack that heavy raincoat for the off chance that it rains, or the long evening gown or heavy tuxedo for the lone fancy event you might attend. Use that space for other useful things you will need.



In this day and age, you no longer need a hefty paper guidebook to help you navigate the destination you are in. Especially with technology right at our fingertips, you can study what you can in that guidebook and home and then leave it there. It won’t be needed during the trip.


Sheets and Towels

Similar to the issue with toiletries, you are going to be likely to find that the hotel or hostel you stay in will have bed sheets and towels for you to use. So unless you plan on going camping, save yourself some room and leave them at home.


Impractical shoes

Going through an entire vacation with the wrong kind of shoes can be uncomfortable and make the trip all the more undesirable. Try to pack at least two or three versatile shoes, one that can be used for walking or any other kind of activity, and then one or two supportive shoes that can be dressed up or down given the situation.


A Bad Attitude

While this has nothing to do with taking up space in your luggage, it is still important to keep in mind. You never want to go on a trip with a bad attitude or even with high expectations that will leave room for disappointment. So when preparing to go on a vacation, make sure you add “an open mind” to the packing list and just be ready to soak up all there is to offer, and take advantage of the experiences you will gain.